Remote DBA Support

Is the reliability of your SQL Server critical to your business?

Looking to hire a DBA? Why not consider our Managed Database Service for SQL Server instead:

  • Access to world-class expertise
  • One all-inclusive annual fee
  • Reliable, comprehensive support
  • Continuous cover

We work with you and your team to proactively keep your database platform issue-free. Always on hand should any problems arise, no holidays to cover. 

You pay a flat fee for unlimited service requests. No hidden costs or extra call-out fees.

Using remote DBA support is a better way to manage your database.

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Cloud Rede - Managed Database Service
Cloud Rede - Managed Database Service

Try our managed database service instead of hiring a new DBA

At Cloud Rede we have the experience and expertise to help. Our consulting services provide a comprehensive range of solutions for your short, medium and long-term strategic needs.

From solving database problems, stabilising temperamental systems and performing seamless cloud migrations to complete Managed Database Services and Managed Cloud Services, we have the know-how to give you total peace of mind.

We believe in the power of collaboration and work in partnership with you, giving you access to our expertise.

Small enough to be specialist, yet experienced enough to take the broader view.
You pay a flat fee for unlimited service requests. No hidden costs or extra call-out fees.
We can quickly identify root cause issues so we can effectively implement the right solutions.
Our managed support works proactively to limit service-affecting issues and prevent future problems.
We're a growing and dynamic team, a group of specialists who love what we do.