Managed Cloud Service

Support, billing, and cost optimisation for public cloud platforms

Get help setting up, maintaining and optimising your cloud infrastructure. We work with Azure and AWS.


Quickly analyse and deliver against dynamic requirements.


Avoid delays – get things right the first time.


Proactively manage performance and costs.

Do more with Cloud Services

A well-managed cloud infrastructure can help businesses do more with their data.

Launch your proof of concept on AWS

For over 10 years we have helped to set up, maintain and optimise the cloud infrastructure for some of the biggest companies in the UK and Europe.

As an AWS Partner in the UK, we are currently looking for companies to join our AWS-funded trials.

How it works

Subscription and infrastructure set-up

We’ll create the subscriptions and infrastructure you need to hit the ground running, or help you expand your existing set-up.

After that, we can support you as much or as little as you need.

Where next?

With a world-class team of cloud experts at your disposal, you can take your business in any direction.

We act as your trusted cloud services partner, helping you to enhance your current approach and setting you up for success. Whether you want to appoint a specialist team to protect against a crisis or your existing team needs an extra pair of hands, we’re here to help.

Cost and performance monitoring

Using our bespoke monitoring software, Sofia, we’ll continually assess your cloud environments to proactively manage costs and maintain performance.

Gain the freedom to focus less on problem-solving and more on scaling your business.

Administration and support

Our managed cloud service gives you unlimited support for a fixed annual fee.

We’ll manage your cloud infrastructure on your behalf. Plus, you can ask us for help with any Cloud requirements without additional charges.

We're secure

If your business relies on a cloud-based service, you should aim to keep it as secure as possible.

By consistently monitoring your cloud applications for errors and security issues, we protect both your service delivery and your company’s reputation.

We're cost-effective

Our managed cloud service is available for a fixed annual price.

You’ll never be in doubt about your cloud costs, meaning you can be much more confident of your business margins. We provide unlimited support for one set fee.

We're collaborative

We join you as trusted partners, not just as suppliers.

We take ownership of the performance and safety of your cloud environments, meaning we take a proactive approach to our work. You don’t need to prompt us to fix issues, but if you ever want to raise a concern, you have direct access to us – we’re just a phone call away.

We're streamlined

Your team’s time is precious.

We help you optimise your operations, taking on tasks like setting up and maintaining cloud environments so that you can focus your company’s resources elsewhere. Because we’re specialists in this area, we can often identify errors’ root causes and deploy solutions quicker than in-house teams.

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