Managed DBA Service

Transform your approach to data

Continuous support and proactive monitoring for your on-premises SQL database platform. Free up your resources to focus on other areas of your business.

24/7 monitoring

Never doubt your data availability again.

Fixed fee

One monthly price that covers everything.

Unlimited support

Ask us anything – at no extra charge.

Skilled SQL specialists

As your expert SQL partner, we identify new opportunities for optimisation and fix critical errors before they escalate.

Managed Database Service SQL experts

How it works

Continuous monitoring

Using Sofia, our bespoke monitoring platform, we continually track the performance of your database platform.

That way, we can alert you to an issue almost as soon as it arises. Plus, we use analytics to give you targeted recommendations.

Having frequent problems with your database platform?

Struggling to find or retain the right expert? Just need an extra pair of hands for your overwhelmed team?

We can help. As your fractional DBA, we proactively address problems to keep your databases at optimal performance.

Deep insight

Struggling to resolve complex SQL issues? We can tell you exactly what the problem is and what to do about it.

When we say we’re SQL experts, we mean it. Together, we have decades of experience in this space, having worked for Microsoft and some of its largest clients.

One fixed price

Stubborn technical issues take time to fix – and that can get expensive. But it doesn’t need to be.

With Cloud Rede, one fee covers unlimited support. The amount you pay won’t change so you’ll never have to second-guess your spend.

What to expect

We're efficient

If your service delivery relies on a SQL database, you should have confidence that it will operate as you need it to.

We don’t just respond to errors as they occur – we seek out problems and quickly fix them, so you can be sure that your database will deliver as it should.

We're reliable

We understand what it takes to make database platforms work seamlessly.

We’re true experts at what we do; we can find solutions that others might not consider. That includes building bespoke code and deploying innovative software to correctly fix the root cause, not just work around it.

We're cost-effective

Because we provide our Fully Managed DBA service for one fixed price, you can be confident that you’ll never overspend on maintenance.

You don’t need to delay raising a ticket for budget reasons or waste time part-fixing an issue to lower costs. Unpredictable costs shouldn’t diminish the quality of your databases – so we provide uncapped support at a set rate.

We're collaborative

More than an outsourced supplier, we’re your dedicated fractional database administrator and SQL partner.

It’s our responsibility to keep your SQL database platform at peak performance – and it’s one we take seriously. You don’t need to prompt us to fix issues, but if you ever want to raise a concern, we’re just a phone call away.

Go beyond what your thought was possible with the cloud


Helping a software tool developer scale with confidence

As a new business, GGH needed a brand new PCI-compliant IT infrastructure, plus a scalable solution to deliver their reporting service. 

We embarked on a comprehensive partnership with GGH, focusing not only on immediate needs but also the long-term vision of the company, anticipating requirements for the next ten to fifteen years.

Our close partnership meant we developed a deep understanding of GGH’s objectives and allowed us to build an infrastructure that was ideally suited to our client.

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