Consulting Service

Here to help whenever you need us

Struggling to fix a complex SQL problem? Want to set a new project up for success? We’ll join your team for as long as you need us, providing seamless support.

True expertise

50 years of combined SQL experience.

Insight and accuracy

No delays – we get it right the first time.

Here when you need us

Pay only for the support you need.

Expertise at your fingertips

Gain access to an expert SQL consultant – you’ll start seeing impressive improvements in database performance within a matter of hours.

Consulting Service - Cloud Rede

How it works

Crisis management

If you’re experiencing a major outage, we can fix errors with minimal delay.

Our expertise means we can quickly navigate even the most complex SQL issues. This service is ideal if you don’t need a fully managed DBA service but want peace of mind that you’ll have support if things go wrong.

Think bigger with your data

We look at the bigger picture and advise on long-term approaches that will work for you.

We can modernise the way you navigate data, advising on approaches that will serve you now and in the future.

Identify errors

Have a business-critical project you can’t risk getting wrong? you can appoint our trusted team to support you.

We’ll carefully consider the most time and cost-effective approach before delivering a well-crafted solution.

Fixed price or per day

You can purchase our services for a fixed project fee or pay for a set number of days to use as and when you need them.

If you’d like project support, we can provide a recommended time allocation before work begins.

We're curious

When we’re presented with a problem, we’re interested in identifying the root cause.

We develop long-lasting custom solutions, not just temporary fixes. This prevents issues from escalating, helping your environment run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

We're reliable

When things go wrong, you need a trusted partner working alongside you to put them right.

Our Consulting service offers expertise, support, and peace of mind to businesses whose operations rely on database platforms.

We're experts

Clients often approach us after others have tried and failed to fix complex issues.

If you have a SQL-related problem, we’ll identify the cause and provide options on how to resolve it.

We're collaborative

No matter the size of your organisation, we’ll work hand in hand with your team to find the best approach.

We listen carefully to your requirements, ensuring you’re happy with the finished product. We share our knowledge and give actionable advice that you can apply for years to come.

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