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IPB Insurance, a mutual insurance company

IPB Insurance, a mutual insurance company, was facing significant challenges with the performance of their Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW). Their solution needed to execute a number of processes at the start of each day to provide essential information for the company’s operations. However, due to poor-performing load operations, these processes were causing significant delays. Read on to learn more about how we supported IPB.
“We really valued the support we received from Cloud Rede. The engagement was exciting from start to finish and the turnaround was impressive. There was a clear sense that Cloud Rede knew what they were doing, that they understood our issues and that they were definitely going to improve things – and they did!”
Maeve Moore
Maeve Moore
IT Systems and Data Analysis Manager, IPB Insurance

How we supported IPB


IPB’s core challenge was to optimise the performance of their EDW jobs, which were essential for daily operations. Delays in executing these processes risked impacting the company’s productivity. They required a solution provider with the expertise to improve performance and give them timely access to key report information.

The complexity of the performance issues meant that other database engineers had tried and failed to resolve them – until Cloud Rede got to work.


Cloud Rede adopted a methodical approach to resolve IPB’s challenges, which included a comprehensive analysis of IPB’s SQL Server environment. We deployed Sofia™, our continuous monitoring platform to identify and diagnose critical errors. Using an iterative approach, we analysed and modified inefficient code to address performance bottlenecks, making strategic changes while factoring in knock-on effects.


IPB saw significant changes to its EDW job performance, with load times reduced by more than half. What initially took up to four hours now takes thirty minutes – significantly enhancing the company’s operational efficiency.

“This project underscored the importance of deep SQL Server knowledge and the ability to navigate complex database issues. Deploying Sofia™ and using an iterative approach to problem-solving were instrumental to our success on this project.”

– Karl Grambow, COO, Cloud Rede

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