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GGH Data Solutions

GGH Data Solutions delivers compliance reporting and analysis support to card payment processing companies. Using data and analytics, they help their clients identify and mitigate compliance risks.

Before launch, GGH approached Cloud Rede to help them design and build their IT infrastructure in the cloud, and to create a scalable solution for their data platform.

Read on to learn how we approached our work with GGH.

"Cloud Rede was a great partner to work with. They were responsive, knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. We are very happy with the solution they delivered, and we would definitely recommend them to other businesses."
Bob Gordon-Hancock
Bob Gordon-Hancock
Director, GGH Data Solutions

How we supported GGH Data Solutions


As a new business, GGH needed a brand new PCI-compliant IT infrastructure, plus a scalable solution to deliver their reporting service. 

Being a new business, GGH required a brand new IT infrastructure. Given their relatively narrow trading window, GGH required a setup that would allow them to consistently deliver their reports on time. 

GGH also required an infrastructure that could grow with them, supporting new clients with continued efficiency.

Cloud Rede’s goal was to ensure that GGH’s IT environment was not only compliant with industry regulation, but also efficient, cost-effective, and positioned for long-term scalability.


We embarked on a comprehensive partnership with GGH, focusing not only on immediate needs but also the long-term vision of the company, anticipating requirements for the next ten to fifteen years.

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS), we constructed a robust cloud infrastructure centred around a custom data platform. This platform was designed with scalability in mind, allowing GGH to seamlessly deploy new applications and updates as the company grows.

Our support extended beyond managing GGH’s cloud database; it encompassed infrastructure, performance and cost management. This holistic approach involved providing managed cloud services, encompassing all of GGH’s applications.


Our close partnership meant we developed a deep understanding of GGH’s objectives and allowed us to build an infrastructure that was ideally suited to our client. As a result of our collaboration, GGH can deliver their compliance reporting service to their clients with confidence. Their tailored cloud infrastructure will allow GGH to easily scale – they now grow their business, and they have a trusted partner in Cloud Rede.

“We are proud to have partnered with GGH on this project. We delivered a solution that will meet their long term needs. By working with Cloud Rede, GGH will be successful in their business, and we are committed to supporting them in the years to come.”

– Christian Bolton, CEO, Cloud Rede

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