Managed AWS Service

Maximize your potential with AWS

Tailored solutions for data-driven businesses of all shapes and sizes. Let us help you set up, maintain, and optimise your AWS cloud infrastructure for seamless operations.

Professional operations

Unlocking capabilities and benefits often reserved for large enterprises.

Comprehensive solutions

From newcomers and hybrids workloads to migrations and disaster recovery. 

Multicloud experts

Leverage our expertise on the leading cloud platforms.

Unparalleled expertise and AWS solutions

As an AWS Partner dedicated to excellence, we offer comprehensive Managed AWS Services and tailored AWS solutions to ensure seamless operations, optimal performance, and cost efficiencies. Whether you’re exploring the benefits of migrating to AWS, considering our free AWS trial, or seeking AWS architecture guidance at any stage of cloud adoption, our expert team is here to support you every step of the way.

With expertise in Microsoft Workloads on AWS and a deep understanding of multicloud environments, we cater to diverse client needs, ranging from startups and SMBs to established tech companies who are seeking specialised expertise. 

We enable everyone to thrive in the AWS ecosystem from day one.

AWS Partner - Select Tier Services

How it works

AWS operational excellence

Struggling with operations management, performance bottlenecks, or in need of AWS cost optimisation? 

We bring enterprise-level management and best practices to your cloud operations. Giving you capabilities and benefits often reserved for larger organisations, enabling you to achieve and maintain compliance with certifications like PCIDSS and ISO 27001.​ ​ 

AWS onboarding

Starting from ground zero with AWS? Lack in-house expertise?

Getting your AWS structure setup right first time is crucial for long-term scalability. We ensure that your accounts, security measures, and billing structure are optimised from day one. With us, you’ll be positioned for years of scalability and success in the cloud. Try it now with our free AWS trial!

Microsoft SQL Server on AWS expertise

We’re not your average MSP, our forte lies in overcoming the ‘unfixable’!

Benefit from our team’s unparalleled expertise on Microsoft Workloads, in particular SQL Server and its ecosystem, backed by Microsoft Certified Masters and decades of experience. We offer world-class guidance and support at a fraction of the cost of in-house experts.

Extension of your team

Working hand in hand with your team to ensure smooth operations.

We can provide infrastructure and developer support to bridge the knowledge gap between teams, enhance existing team capabilities, deliver entire support functions, or discrete processes like independent change management.

Managed AWS Service from Cloud Rede

Managed AWS Service highlights:

  • Unlimited support for a fixed fee.
  • AWS infrastructure onboarding and compliance assurance.
  • Comprehensive AWS infrastructure management service.
  • 24/7 year-round real-time monitoring with Sofia™.
  • Proactive support and issue resolution.
  • Continuous data and cost optimisation initiatives.
  • Root cause analysis reporting and knowledge sharing.
  • Expert AWS architecture guidance for all stages of cloud adoption.
  • Multicloud partner status on the leading cloud platforms.
  • Free AWS trial for all new customers.

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