Fixing legacy challenges for CPI


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Fixing legacy challenges for CPI

CPI is the market leader in Dry Silo Mortar Manufacturing in the UK. They rely on an extensive database to supply their customers, containing mortar recipes, an asset inventory and sales data. With a large estate of assorted databases and platforms, CPI was dependent on disparate technologies all running on SQL Server to deliver their products and services. Read on to learn how we supported CPI with our consulting service, serving as a fractional DBA to provide dedicated database engineering support.
"Cloud Rede has been a great partner to us. They have helped us to improve our processes significantly, and they’ve also delivered exceptional technical support. A great example is of a problematic report which would grind the system to a halt for hours, was optimised and now runs in fifteen minutes! I am very happy with their results, and would highly recommend their work ethic, knowledge and experience to others."
Edward Pennie
Edward Pennie
Head of IT, CPI Euromix

How we supported CPI Euromix


Whist recognising their legacy database technology had had its day and they were part way through their journey to a new ERP solution, CPI realised that they must keep the legacy system operable until they had fully migrated to the new integrated ERP solution.

CPI had been struggling with their legacy database technology for a while – it was inefficient and hard to maintain, which was causing the company a number of problems. CPI wanted to reduce the risk of:

  • slow performance;
  • data corruption; and
  • security vulnerabilities.

As well as incurring technical debt, CPI was concerned that eventually, this set-up would render them unable to process customer requirements within the weekly order window. This would have costly ramifications for both CPI and its clients.

CPI needed to address all database issues, and keep the business running. To do that, they needed a much more efficient, centralised database.


Previously, CPI had in-house resource to maintain the solution but staff moved on and CPI worked with consultancies who patch-fixed problems – but CPI needed long term solutions. Cloud Rede took a different approach. We didn’t just focus on fixing the symptoms of the problems, we also sought out the underlying causes.  We worked with CPI to identify and fix the root causes of issues impacting their on-premises SQL Server databases, often fixing in a matter of hours issues that had been plaguing the company for years.  We also supported CPI with technical leadership and guidance, taking ownership of inefficiencies within their database infrastructure and working hard to resolve them. 


CPI’s processes are now faster, more reliable, and more secure, thanks to a much more manageable database infrastructure.

As a result of this improved performance, CPI is more confident in their ability to continue delivering a quality service to their customers.

The improved reliability of the databases has also helped CPI to reduce the risk of data loss – they are now confident that their data is safe and secure.

“I’m really proud of the work that our team delivered for this client. We were able to identify and fix some of the most complex database problems that CPI faced. We also helped them to develop a plan to continue improving their database infrastructure for the future. I’m confident that CPI is now in a much better position to meet their business goals.”

– Karl Grambow, COO, Cloud Rede

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