Transforming database performance for codeit

Fully Managed DBA Service and Sofia™ monitoring platform

10+ hours a week saved on senior dev time

3x quicker feature releases

Core processes down from 2 hours to 1 second


Digital Taxonomy develops AI-powered productivity and insight software tools

codeit is a leading-edge tool that blends together cutting-edge AI with human oversight to support human-AI collaboration on tagging verbatim data for the market research industry.

codeit has a range of features used to accurately and efficiently analyze verbatim data. As a result, it has an extensive database, using 350,000+ tables and 1million+ indexes.

“Cloud Rede has been an amazing partner in our journey to scale and onboard major new clients. Their expertise in managing our database and all our cloud services has been key to our success so far and we have complete confidence in the Cloud Rede team to continue helping us in the future, particularly with Christian at the helm.”
Tim Brandwood
Tim Brandwood
CEO, codeit

How we supported codeit


With so many requirements of its database, codeit were concerned that as more clients used the platform, performance would wane. The company wanted to keep offering its features to new, larger clients without compromising on the quality or efficiency of the product. They needed to easily scale without placing too much pressure on the database.


Cloud Rede assisted codeit with our Fully Managed DBA service, which includes access to the Sofia™ monitoring platform. We quickly embedded ourselves within the codeit team, taking ownership of the company’s database performance. We first connected their systems to Sofia™, which allowed us to understand their database’s historic performance without needing to wait for a costly outage. This gave us a baseline for what was ‘normal’, and allowed us to quickly resolve new issues before they could escalate. Then, using insights from Sofia™, we set about optimising their database schema, code and Azure resources. By automating lower-level but essential requirements, we reduced codeit’s resource spend, and freed up our availability to proactively manage the database. We routinely address potential SQL problems before they impact the products’ performance, allowing our client to scale with ease.


codeit can now release new features three times faster than it previously could. Its database performance is significantly more efficient – it comfortably accommodates new large clients without compromising on speed or quality. Importantly, codeit now has confidence that, if it needs to grow rapidly, it can. We’re a key part of their team, responsible for the smooth-running of their SQL server databases. That means they have the space to grow their company, safe in the knowledge that when their next big client joins them, they’ll be able to keep delivering the same great service.

“A database with 350,000 tables is no joke – usually 10,000 would make your eyes pop out! Fortunately, we’re well-versed in immense database design and management. Our Sofia™ monitoring tool gives us to-the-minute performance updates, so we know exactly what’s happening at any given moment. It’s a real joy to work with the codeit team – we’re looking forward to supporting them as they continue to grow.”

– Christian Bolton, CEO, Cloud Rede

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