16 June 2020

Cloud Rede: a new way of working

SQL Server as a data platform

As someone who has been passionate about learning and developing knowledge of SQL Server as a data platform for more than twenty years, I am delighted to now make that wealth of experience available to your business in the form of Cloud Rede.

Cloud Rede is a dynamic new venture, offering a service that I believe is one of the best ways forward in data platform management. The world-class experience we have here at Cloud Rede can streamline business support and bring results you wouldn’t have thought were possible.

SQL Server

Yes, of course we can solve database problems, stabilise temperamental systems and perform seamless cloud migrations. But it’s our completely Managed DBA Service and Cloud Service that I believe are the true source of value for our customers.

Managed DBA Service

With Cloud Rede I want to keep it simple – we combine deep technical expertise with robust operational practices to provide a safe, scalable, and high-value “white glove” managed support service for relational databases, starting with SQL Server. We call it the Managed DBA Service.

To provide that kind of service you also need to be an expert in the infrastructure that supports a database platform. In the past that meant on-premises rack-mounted servers, storage arrays, and networks with a common goal being to maximise utilisation of the equipment to derive the most value from the investment possible. With public cloud services that dynamic has changed and those skills have transferred and evolved into a new way of working.

Managed Cloud Service

In the cloud you only pay for what you use so there is a direct financial benefit to only using what you need and automation is the key to stable and predictable costs.

Our Managed Cloud Service is designed to cut through the hype and plethora of options to manage your infrastructure and cloud economics so you don’t have to.

Working together

With all these services we work alongside your existing team. Collaboration is, for us, key to a productive working relationship that yields results.

For your business it’s a more effective way of working: for a single fee you get continuous cover, no extra call out fees, no holidays to manage and because we work proactively rather than reactively, potential problems are addressed before they even arise. Sounds good doesn’t it?

World-class expertise

I’ve already mentioned that I have more than two decades of experience developing my knowledge of SQL Server. In that time I spent five years at Microsoft supporting some of their biggest customers to really stretch the limits of what was possible with the platform and help them to run a stable and efficient operational environment.

I left Microsoft to start a business providing those skills to medium-sized businesses with an unusually high dependency on technology. That business grew over twelve years to become a very successful data and analytics consultancy which I exited in 2019.

I have also written a series of technical titles on SQL Server.

Connect with us

All that wealth of experience is now available to you. Harnessing the knowledge base we have here at Cloud Rede can help your business thrive.

If you are interested in finding out more, simply get in touch with one of our specialists.

Christian Bolton – CEO


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