1 November 2023

Five reasons you need a Managed DBA Service

Managed database service

Think you don’t need a Managed DBA Service?

If you have a world-class expert DBA who is available 24 hours a day, who never takes a holiday, and whose work is 90% proactive and 100% effective, then perhaps you don’t.

But if you don’t have that? Or even if you do…

Our Managed DBA Service is all that – and more.


One all-inclusive fee gives you expert, comprehensive support for your database and continuous cover. Not only that but if you are experiencing long-standing intermittent issues that are seemingly impossible to understand and solve we’ll also tackle those. And if at the back of your mind is a fear that something might go wrong and you won’t know how to quickly fix it, then we take care of that too. Our expertise in SQL Server is world-class, and our Managed DBA Service means we’re on hand to get things up and running smoothly before working proactively to ensure they continue that way.

Once on-board, you’ll have no holidays to cover and no extra-call out charges. There will be no need to call in the experts when something goes wrong – because we’ll already be working on it.

Framed like that, it sounds appealing doesn’t it?

SQL Server

SQL Server is a powerful business tool and like most impactful tools it needs to be setup and managed correctly to get the best out of it. Not every company needs to maximise the potential of their data platform but for those that use it to support business critical activities it is crucial to ensure that SQL Server is managed competently and effectively to avoid losses.

Managed DBA Service

A Managed DBA Service is a secure, modern way of working and an effective way of optimising what your database can offer. We can do that for you.

And because we like to work with your existing team, we consider ourselves more than just an outsourced service. We’re part of your business. Charging a fixed price means we don’t get paid any extra when things go wrong, so we’re motivated to keep everything working smoothly – we even work within existing teams to extend the coverage they provide and sharing knowledge, so everyone wins.

There’s a serenity in a well-managed environment which enables you to work on all those important but non-urgent activities you promised yourself you’d make time for. With your database taken care of, your business can prosper.

Still need persuading? Here’s why:

  1. Fixed price  You pay a single fee for unlimited service requests. There are no hidden costs and no extra call-out fees allowing you to confidently forecast costs.
  2. Monitoring We use the best commercial monitoring tools in the market, all included in the price.
  3. Proactive support Nobody benefits from unexpected issues so we work hard on preventative measures – over 90% of our work is proactive.
  4. Root cause analysis We don’t just fix an issue, we provide full details of our investigation and recommendation.
  5. Expertise You have access to experts who look after your environment as if it was their own and are available to answer any questions or help with anything you need.

If you’re keen to find out more, just get in touch with one of our experts.


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