10 November 2023

Introducing: Cloud Rede 2.0

Now in our fifth year, and with several decades of SQL expertise behind us, the team at Cloud Rede are embarking on the next step in our journey.

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here. We’ve updated our branding and we now have a new-look website for you to browse.

But that’s not all that’s changed. We’ve updated our services to offer a full range of enhanced support options to our clients.
Don’t worry – we’re still providing the same deep domain expertise we’re known for. Take a look at our refreshed services below and find out how we can support your organisation.

Services and Products

Managed DBA Service

With our Managed DBA Service you’ll receive continuous support and proactive monitoring for your on-premises SQL database platform. We provide 24/7 monitoring, so you can always be confident in your data availability. With unlimited support, you can ask us anything at no extra charge. We offer this service for one fixed price.

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Managed Cloud Service

Using a public cloud platform or want to start using one? We provide full support to set up, maintain and optimise your cloud infrastructure, covering both Azure and AWS. As an agile team, we quickly assess and deliver against fast-changing requirements. We do this efficiently while proactively managing performance and monitoring costs.

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Consulting Service

For one-off complex technical issues, getting a new project right from the get-go, or for additional team support, we offer a consulting service. Acting as your in-house relational database and cloud expert, we’ll work with you to improve your database performance. You should see the difference in a matter of hours. You can purchase our services for a fixed project fee or pay for a set number of days to use as and when you need them.

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Our existing clients will already be familiar with Sofia™, our database performance insights platform. Sofia™ continuously monitors your SQL database and analyses your workload for potential problems. We deploy our Sofia™ product as part of each service, giving you complete visibility and total confidence in your database’s performance, with real-time insights.

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How we work

While we provide them with technical expertise, we’re also very proud of the way we foster connection with our clients. We’ve had some wonderful feedback about our approach, and we’re always looking for ways to develop this further.


When it comes to our support services, we don’t ‘do it for you’, we ‘do it with you’. By collaborating with our clients’ teams, we not only develop long lasting solutions, we also share our expertise, honed over several decades.


Our clients trust us to do right by them. That’s reflected in our pricing structure. Many support companies charge per ticket, meaning they’re paid when things go wrong. We think that removes the incentive to get things right the first time. That’s why we charge one fixed feed for everything. We address problems at their root cause, so they won’t keep coming back. That frees up our resources to proactively address developing errors before they escalate, as well as making continuous enhancements.

Custom solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. They each have unique and envelope-pushing requirements, so they need their database to flex and grow around them. We provide all of our clients with a totally bespoke approach, with no corners cut. We only succeed when they do.

Let’s talk

If you’re looking for new ways to scale, or you have database challenges you’d like to address, why not arrange a call with the Cloud Rede team? We’ll discuss your requirements and determine whether we can help. Hint: we probably can!

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