20 February 2024

It’s time to embrace the cloud

Embrace the cloud with AWS free trials

Embracing the cloud doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. It’s much easier than you might think to enjoy the many benefits without big upfront costs and risks.

We’re exploring some of the advantages of transitioning to the cloud. Plus, find out how to trial AWS for free with Cloud Rede.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is just a collection of IT equipment and servers in someone else’s data centre. It’s like your own infrastructure, just really well organised. It allows you to build and use just as much computing power as you need as your business grows.

Public cloud providers each have hundreds of data centres distributed globally. They give you access to those resources through their own cloud platform. The main public cloud providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Through these public cloud providers, Cloud Rede builds bespoke cloud solutions that cater to your business’s specific requirements.

Why move to the cloud?

When you boil your kettle in the morning, your electricity probably comes from the national grid. You wouldn’t maintain your own diesel generators when you can just pay for what you use and let the grid worry about maintaining your supply.

We can think of the cloud in similar terms. It makes computing power and storage a commodity you buy when you need it. For your business, that means:

Greater efficiency

It’s hard to accurately predict your computing requirements. With an on-premises approach, there’s a tendency to ‘over spec’ meaning you often end up with too much or too little. With cloud infrastructure, on the other hand, you don’t need a crystal ball – you can increase or decrease your usage as needed.

Low start-up costs

When you build your own computing infrastructure, you’ll need to make a large upfront investment in servers and storage. That’s the case even if you hire space in someone else’s data centre for storage, power, cooling, and connectivity.

With cloud-computing, you can access cloud services easily and cheaply (or for free, if you take advantage of our AWS offer – learn more at the end of this blog). This lets you take more risks and ‘fail fast’ with minimal outlay, or expand quickly if your idea takes off.

More cost-effective

You’ll pay a monthly fee to access cloud services, rather than a costly capital expenditure every few years. And, you’ll pay only for what you use, meaning more cost savings.

Greater integrity and security

If your private computing network or data centre were to lose power, you could lose critical data. Public cloud infrastructure takes the worry out of data integrity by storing multiple copies within a data centre.  You can also choose to store extra copies in different physical locations – and even in different countries. Self-builds can’t compete with the government-grade security offered by public cloud providers.

Ready for new technologies

New technologies like AI are quickly transforming businesses across every industry. If you already have a workload running in the cloud, it’s much easier to expand and explore new technologies without costly upgrades. Public cloud providers give you easy access to modern, efficient, secure technologies.

Why work with Cloud Rede?

As experts in all things cloud, we can help you understand its major potential for your business. You’ll unlock speed and efficiency, confident that your IT infrastructure is set up and maintained in the best way possible.

Plus, we can help your business become ‘cloud native’. Some companies can only help you use the cloud to replicate your current on-premises computing setup. A cloud native approach goes further, re-designing application architectures to take advantage of modern technologies and global scale.

Case study: GGH

In just a couple of weeks, we built fintech company GGH’s entire IT infrastructure in the cloud using AWS. No hardware lead times, no upfront investment, and no data centre contract negotiations. It saved months of time and significant costs compared with building a traditional on-premises infrastructure.

Read the GGH case study >

Try the cloud without risk

We’re pleased to offer new customers an AWS-funded trial. If you have a scenario to test, we’ll build a proof of concept for you with no upfront costs required. That way, you can experience the benefits for yourself, before deciding whether a cloud approach is right for you.

Want to trial AWS for FREE? Let’s talk.


Try the cloud without risk

New customers can now explore test scenarios with no upfront costs through our AWS-funded trial. Interested in learning more?

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