An integrated and accountable way of working

Cloud Rede a better way of working.

Working together for better results

At Cloud Rede we offer consulting services to support your business goals, whether that requires a light touch to support your team's delivery or a full project team. 

Working alongside your existing team means knowledge is transferred during the process and isn't proprietary to us – your team get training on the solution during the delivery so they can be self-sufficient when it goes live. 

We minimise the risks to your project delivery so you can maximise your data's potential.

For you, it's a better and more cost-efficient way to manage your projects.

For us, it's an effective and more accountable way of working.

Project lifecycle

From assessing your existing environment our experts can produce and deploy a high-level design that fulfils your business and technical requirements. 

We'll define the architecture, stabilise your existing platform, upgrade and perform compatibility testing and deploy your future data platform.

And should you choose to our managed database service you’ll also get proactive, comprehensive support, sophisticated monitoring and access to our expertise.

From the moment we’re on board, we’re here to give you peace of mind.

Why us?

We’re a team of experts who love what we do, small enough to be specialist yet experienced enough to take the broader view.

Giving you unlimited access to our industry-leading expertise, we work alongside your existing team.

Working together, we’ll resolve any current data issues and work proactively to prevent future ones.

We minimise the risks to your data platform in order to maximise your data’s potential.

Cloud Rede


We believe in the power of collaboration and productive working partnerships are key to our success. For some customers we’re their longest-serving “employee”.

Working alongside your existing team we’ll optimise your company’s data performance leaving you to focus on your core business.

We build successful relationships for great outcomes.